12+ Best Grocery Store Shopify Themes

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Best Grocery Store Shopify Themes

If you are looking for powerful Grocery Store Shopify Themes, you have come to the right place. You’ll find excellent shopify grocery store themes in the list given below. All these themes are ideal for designing user-friendly and profitable online grocery stores.

All the Shopify grocery themes mentioned below use advanced features and brilliant visual elements. You can easily customize these themes and create your unique grocery e-store even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. All these themes are capable of delivering attractive websites that promote your grocery items and attract more sales.

These modern Shopify eCommerce themes use advanced web technologies to provide efficient performance. They are search engine optimized and speed optimized. And they are fully responsive. So, no matter which of these themes you use, your customers will find your website easy to use on computers, tablets, as well as mobiles.

List Of Best Shopify Themes For Grocery Store

1) GrocaGrocery Shopify Store Theme

Groca - Shopify Grocery Store Theme

You’ll probably not check out the rest of this post after seeing the Demo of this splendid Shopify Grocery Store Theme. Groca gives you a grocery website template that radiates the feeling of freshness and is packed with powerful features.
Groca uses vibrant colors along with plenty of white space to ensure your website looks pleasing. You can use it for supermarket e-commerce stores or grocery stores. It will work great for selling grocery items, fruits, vegetables, and organic food items. Groca’s layouts and features help in easier site navigation, product selection, and purchase process.

Top features:

  • Mega Menu and Tabs for easier navigation through the website
  • Advanced product search
  • Product Sale Label, Product weight selection option
  • Quick View, Add to Cart Pop-up
  • Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Filters
  • Deal Countdown Timer
  • Cart Summary Dropdown
  • Customer Reviews, Star Ratings
  • Blog, Newsletter Pop-up, social media integration

2) GroceryKartSupermarket Responsive Shopify Theme

GroceryKart - grocery e-commerce template

GroceryKart is an excellent Grocery Store Shopify Theme. This theme uses cheerful colors and subtle hover effects, and animations to make your grocery e-commerce store look pleasant. It has 3 premade Homepage styles available.
This grocery website template is packed with features that help in increasing your sales. You can add a promotional banner on the top of the website above the Navigation Menu. The Footer is fully customizable as well. The theme also has several useful Pop-ups, such as the Exit Intent Pop-up. You can also use Facebook Chat, Insta Shop, and other social media features in your online grocery store.

Top features:

  • 360-degree Product View, Group Product Image
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support, Auto Currency Switcher
  • Newsletter Pop-up, Exit Intent Pop-up, Age Verification Pop-up, Add To Cart Pop-up, Cart Upsell Pop-up, Recent Sale Notification Pop-up
  • Product Filters, Add to Cart, Cart Variation
  • Login to See the Price
  • Advanced Lookbook, Product Compare
  • Facebook Chat, Insta Shop, Blog, social media integration

3) GopherShopify Grocery Store Theme 

Gopher - Grocery Store Shopify Theme

Gopher is a powerful and sectioned Shopify Grocery Store Theme. With this robust theme, you can easily customize your grocery website design using simple Drag & Drop Shopify sections. Along with flexible layouts, the grocery website theme is also packed with advanced e-commerce features. You can use it to create an advanced online store for grocery items, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, confectionary items, etc.

You can put your promotional banner above the Header and use powerful site navigation tools, customizable icons, sliders, product carousels, etc., to give your grocery e-store a unique look.

Top features:

  • 5 types of Mega Menu with image support, Category Tabs
  • Ajax Add to Cart, Wishlist, Sidebar Filters, Load More Options
  • Pop-up Quick View, Product Sale Label, Product Image Zoom
  • Google Fonts, Font Awesome Icons
  • Google Maps integration to indicate store location
  • Social integration, Blog, Newsletter Pop-up

4) Grocery Store – Organic Responsive Shopify Theme

Grocerystore - Responsive shopify theme

This Shopify Grocery Store Theme has 4 different Homepage Demos. You can use this with a 1-click install for supermarket websites or e-commerce stores of vegetables, organic products, and spices. It also has multiple predefined styles of Product pages and Shop Pages.

With this grocery website template, you get total control over the web design with a powerful Admin Panel and many customization options. It does not lack e-commerce features either and has all you need to make your e-commerce store profitable.

Top features:

  • 360 Degree Product View, Group Product View, Product Zoom
  • Advanced Add to Cart button, Dynamic Checkout Button
  • Advanced Product Filters
  • Ajax Cart, Quick View
  • Cart Upsell Pop-up,
  • Auto Currency Switcher
  • Brand Logo Carousel
  • Catalog Mode
  • Insta Feed, Blog, Newsletter Pop-up

 5) Ooty – Organic Tea Store Shopify Theme

Ooty - grocery e-commerce store

If you want to create a one-product e-commerce store for some grocery items, then Ooty Tea Store Shopify Theme can be useful for you. It is a beautiful and classy Shopify theme. You can use it to sell tea, coffee, dry fruits, chocolates, organic food, etc.

With this theme installed on your grocery e-commerce store, you can feature your best products with style, display customer appreciation through Testimonials, embed attractive videos or image galleries, and create a beautiful e-store for your exclusive products.

Top features:

  • Mega Menu, stylish sliders, carousels
  • Font Awesome Icons, Brand Logos
  • Video section
  • Grid and List View
  • Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Sidebar Filters
  • Cart Summary, Quick Shop, Cloud Zoom
  • Product Review and Star Rating

6) Big Market-Shopify Multipurpose Responsive Theme

BigMarket - Supermarket Grocery Shopify Theme

Big Market is a Supermarket Grocery Shopify Theme that you can use for your grocery website template. It has 9+ Homepage Demos suitable for e-commerce stores of electronics, fashion, furniture, grocery, kids’ products, games, products for pets, sports accessories and equipment, and gifts. It also gives you multiple Single Page layouts, Blog styles, Header styles, Footer styles, and predefined inner pages.

Overall, the theme looks good and has plenty of modern e-commerce features.

Top features:

  • Mega Menu
  • Product List with Carousel
  • Add to Cart Pop-up, Ajax Filters
  • Attractive Banners and Sliders
  • RTL language support
  • Product Reviews app included

7) Waffy – Spices, Dry Fruits and Nuts Organic Shop Shopify Theme

Waffy - Organic Store Shopify Theme

This Grocery Store Shopify Theme is ideal for selling spices, dry fruits, coffee, tea, and chocolates. Waffy has a unique web design with warm color tones and crisp layouts. It looks polished and premium. It uses a Parallax background, sliders, carousels, tabs, hover effects, and animations to give you a unique web design.

This grocery website template also has a stylish Teams section, Portfolio Gallery, and an elegant Blog Post section. It has Google Maps integration to help you display your store’s location on the Contact Page. You can also use this theme for a single product Shopify store.

Top features:

  • Unique web design with warm tones and a classy look
  • 5 Mega Menu styles with image support
  • Category Tabs
  • Sticky Header, customizable Footer
  • Quick View, Ajax Cart, Ajax Sidebar Filters
  • Deal Countdown Timer
  • Cart Summary Dropdown
  • Animated Parallax sections

8) Mega Shop – Shopify Multipurpose Theme 

MegaShop - Shopify multipurpose theme

Mega Shop is a Shopify multipurpose theme. You can use it to create an online supermarket, start a fashion store, or sell electronics, grocery items, or other products. Its versatility appears clear in its 14+ Demos, including premade Homepage styles suitable for selling electronics, fashion clothing and accessories, furniture, grocery items, auto parts, wines, books, medicines, etc.

Mega Shop Shopify Grocery Store Theme has 3 layouts for Collection Page, a stylish Product Page, Mega Menu, 2 different layouts for Blog Pages, and multiple inner predefined pages.

Top features:

  • Mega Menu, Banners, Sliders, Carousels, Tabs
  • Add to Cart, Wishlist, Quick View
  • RTL support
  • Includes full graphic designer PSD resources
  • Google Maps integration
  • Blog, Newsletter Pop-up

9) Organic food – Shopify Theme

Organic Food - grocery store theme

If your grocery store specializes in organic products, then this superb Shopify theme is perfect for you. It uses fresh and earthy tones to express the wholesomeness of natural products. This Shopify grocery store theme has a kind of personal feel that makes it ideal for small, friendly grocery stores that cater to a limited neighborhood.

You can present your products in beautiful Lists or Grid styles. You can give a special showcase of locally grown products. And make it easy for your customers to browse through your products using tabs such as Best, Sale, and New. Although this grocery website theme looks simple, it has many advanced features to make your grocery e-commerce store a success.

Top features:

  • Retina-ready theme with an attractive design
  • 5 styles of Mega Menu, 3 types of Header, customizable Footer
  • Quick Shop, Cloud Zoom
  • Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Product Filters, Load More Products
  • Pop-up Quick View
  • Product Owl Carousel
  • Currency Switcher
  • Drag and Drop Homepage Blocks
  • Supports Product Reviews App
  • Blog, Newsletter Pop-up, social media integration

10) Vegano – Vegan Online Store Shopify Theme 

Vegano - vegan grocery store

Vegano is an ideal theme for vegan grocery stores. Using its Shopify Visual Builder, you can customize this grocery website theme as you wish without touching a line of code. Thanks to its pleasant colors and crisp layouts, the theme looks professional. In fact, it looks so clean and professional that it may be suitable for even online medical stores!

Vegano is Dropshipping ready and is equipped with powerful features such as Ajax Search, Lookbook, Product Swatches, and Quick View.

Top features:

  • Dropshipping ready Grocery Shopify Theme
  • Mega Menu, Sticky Header
  • Product Sale Label
  • Ajax Search, Quick View, Related Products
  • Lookbook, Brand Logos
  • Shopify Visual Builder
  • Portfolio Gallery, Team Section
  • Social media integration, Blog, Newsletter Pop-up

11)  Super Shopify – Multipurpose Theme

Super Shopify - supermarket theme

You can use this Shopify multipurpose theme for creating a supermarket website or any niche e-commerce store. It is a highly flexible theme, and you can easily adjust its colors and layout elements to suit your business requirements.

This Grocery Shop Shopify Theme incorporates the latest technologies such as Sass CSS, Owl Carousel, Font Awesome, hover effects, and Animation. It is equipped with a Responsive Slider, Product Owl Carousel, Blog Carousel, and many other brilliant features.

Top features:

  • 5 Mega Menu styles, Sticky Header
  • Drag & Drop Homepage Blocks
  • Ajax Sidebar Filters, Ajax Add to Cart, Ajax Quick Detail Page
  • Pop-up Search option, Product Swatch options
  • Product Sale Label
  • Deal Countdown Timer
  • Blog, Newsletter Pop-up

12) Elfmart -All in One Shopify Theme

Elfmart - modern and stylish multipurpose theme

Elfmart is a modern and stylish multipurpose theme that you can use to set up your online grocery store. It is also great for e-commerce stores of electronics, consumer durables, sports accessories, fitness equipment, fashion apparel, kids’ products, etc. It is a highly flexible and versatile theme that gives you full customization controls. You can easily create stylish layouts of your grocery website template using Drag & Drop Shopify blocks.

Top features:

  • Multiple Mega Menu styles with image support, Product Owl Carousel
  • Supports Multi-currency
  • Powerful Ajax functionalities include Sidebar Filters, Load More Products
  • Wishlist module
  • Pop-up Quick View, Product Image Zoom
  • Product Sale Label, Deal Countdown Timer
  • Blog, Newsletter Pop-up

13) Mika – Multipurpose eCommerce Shopify Theme

Mika - modern user-friendly theme

Mika can help you build any kind of Shopify e-commerce store with ease. It has 20 Demo pages, and they all look modern and user-friendly. You can use its Mika Organic Demo with a 1-click install process and quick-start your advanced grocery e-commerce store. This predefined style looks clean and cheerful and is ideal for selling grocery items, fruits, and vegetables.

Mika includes Quick Shop and gives you the flexibility of unlimited Grid styles. It is a translation-ready theme and supports multi-currency transactions with Currency Switcher.

Top features:

  • Multipurpose theme with multiple Demos
  • Product Swatches
  • Robust Mega Menu with Icons and Images support
  • Unlimited Category Layouts
  • Integrated Search options
  • Quick View, Product Comparison
  • Ajax Wishlist, Filter
  • Customer Reviews
  • Blog, Newsletter Pop-up

14) Cookie -Shopify Fast Food eCommerce

Cookie - food-related e-commerce store

With Cookie Shopify Theme, you can create any type of food-related e-commerce store. It is suitable for grocery stores, bakeries, confectionaries, ice cream shops, etc. This theme has cheerful colors and pleasant visual elements to make your online store attractive. Its Mega Menu and Tabs add advanced navigation to your site.

Cookie gives you 5 styles of Mega Menu, 3 Types of Header, and 3 Types of Footer. Besides having a pleasant and user-friendly design, it is also packed with powerful Shopify features.

Top features:

  • Pleasant colors and design
  • 5 styles of Mega Menu, 3 Types of Header, 3 Types of Footer
  • Quick Shop, Product Image Zoom
  • Ajax Add to Cart, Sidebar Filters
  • Toggle Search options
  • Product Swatch options
  • Font awesome icons integrated
  • Advanced Typography Options

Final words Of Best Grocery Store Shopify Themes:

Some Shopify grocery store theme themes mentioned above are custom-built to provide an ideal grocery website design. Others are more multipurpose, but their flexibility allows them to work well for grocery e-commerce stores. They are all high-quality themes coded to deliver high-performing and stable websites. You can customize them all without any coding or scripting. Just check out their Demos and pick a theme you feel would work best for your business. You will soon have your robust grocery e-commerce store ready!


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