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Wedesigntech is a trusted website maintenance services company that helps to enhance your website performance, security, and user experience.

When it comes to website maintenance service, there are a lot of things that will be covered to keep your business website accessible for your users and customers. So based on everyone's needs and purpose, we have different plans with one-time, monthly, and annual maintenance services.

Whether you have a small blogging website, a small business site, or a large-scale business, we offer every type of comprehensive maintenance service to their website.
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We have high expertise on developing and optimizing WordPress Websites.
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We have global portfolio of clients around the world.

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    Advantages of Website Maintenance Services

    Website update at regular frequency
    Periodic scanning of security updates
    Fixing bugs and loading errors
    Uptime monitoring to keep it online 24/7
    3rd party script integration
    Setup of Google Analytics & search console
    Website changes & corrections
    Troubleshooting database issues

    What is a website maintenance service?

    Website maintenance services are the process of periodically monitoring the website to keep it up to date and maintaining it to run smoothly.

    We have over 12 years of experience in website maintenance and development. So we have a standard proven way of optimizing the websites for better performance. 


    We know what it takes to build a better brand, and we make sure to take your online reputation to the next level.

    Hiring a website maintenance agency helps you to save time and money considering creating your in-house team. Our team comes with tremendous experience working on various types of websites, which makes us provide the best solution for your website to keep it better.

    Our website maintenance package is designed to suit every kind of business, and it is fully customizable. 

    Why Choose Wedesigntech For Website Maintenance Services


    Keep your website up-to-date and user-friendly with website maintenance services.  

    Customized services
    Affordable pricing
    Bug fixes & easy customization
    Website development
    Experienced team
    Technical support
    No more contracts
    Quick turnaround time

    Our WordPress Development Services

    As a leading WordPress development company In India, we provide complete end-to-end WordPress development services. You can easily hire our WordPress developers to build a simple website or any type of WordPress customization. We are also highly experienced in developing custom WordPress themes and plugins.
    Website Development
    We design distinctive web portals based on the requirements of our clients. Our team has a track record of producing powerful, feature-rich websites that may improve business and increase revenue.
    Custom Theme Development
    We are one of the best WordPress theme developers around the world, and we have a WordPress theme portfolio on multiple marketplaces. So that we seamlessly design custom WordPress to suit your website needs.
    Custom Plugin Development
    Hire our experienced WordPress developers to build a custom plugin for your website. Our plugins are available in famous marketplace places like WordPress and Themeforest. So get your plugin developed with affordable pricing.
    Woocommerce Website
    We are experts in providing reliable, cost-effective eCommerce solutions with the most excellent flexibility and functionality. We have also created some of the most lucrative eCommerce solutions for well-known international brands.
    Website Redesigning
    When your website doesn't seem good enough to serve your company's goals, we entirely revamp it to meet your needs and business needs. An amazing website will attract users, that help to improve your site conversion and ROI.
    Website Maintenance
    Our team continually monitors on and analyses your website, looking for bugs and other problems to fix them. Use our website upkeep services to add cutting-edge features, update to advanced methods, and keep up with shifting information as necessary.

    Why is website maintenance service important?

    A website maintenance service doesn’t only monitor your website; it’s more than what it needs for a regular website. 

    Website maintenance includes all the tasks like bug fixing, content updating, speed optimization, security checkup, technical support, uptime monitoring, troubleshooting errors, website migrations, and many other things to keep your website accessible to your users at any time. 

    Along with website maintenance, you can opt for other things like website development, designing, and customization works on the website whenever needed. We have fine-crafted plans for every type of website to provide a secure and unique online experience. 

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Here are some of the questions that we frequently receive from our customers.
      What are website maintenance services?
      Website maintenance services are involved in maintaining a close eye on website problems and resolving them as they arise. The goal is to maintain a website without compromising the user experience or experiencing any downtime.
      Why does the website need maintenance?
      When it comes to online business, the website is the primary thing, and it should always be accessible to your users. So the website maintenance services will regularly monitor your website to be accessible by users without affecting user experience. A great user experience will reduce the bounce rates and improves the conversion rate.
      What is covered by your website maintenance services?
      Our website upkeep services include areas like upgrading design and content, Database Optimisation, theme updates, uptime monitoring, plugin updates, Bug fixes, and Error Removal, etc.
      Is my data secured?
      Yes, your data will be safe. Website security will increase with an integrated security feature and also implement some extra security measures taken to make your website more secure.
      What is the cost of a website Maintenance service?
      The cost of website Maintenance is based on your maintenance requirements and the resource needed.