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ColoriT – Colorful Single Page HTML Template : Welcome to  the latest HTML5 template which is a one-page HTML website template within the reach of everyone. Especially, if you want to have a site that does not require too much editing from time to time. HTML 5 offers excellent value for money and ease of customization options too. ColoriT gives you the best of both the worlds combining the elegance of HTML with the functionalities of  CMS.  Shortcodes and Blogging features make it look almost like a WordPress site!  Read on…

ColoriT is coded with the latest HTML5 & CSS3. ColoriT is a one page website template that allows you to create stylish, vibrant, colorful and its full of energy.  Create pages easily and tread anywhere from creating a full-fledged website!  Whether its displaying your portfolio or showcasing your business in a creative manner, coloriT is the best choice that makes your business stay ahead.

Complete features of ColoriT: Horizontal/Vertical Page Transitions, 4 sided Menu Navigations, top, bottom, left and right.  Creative Pricing Table Types, Separate Blog/Portfolio single pages, , Blog and Portfolio Carousel.

Let us take a look at each one of the above features in more depth.

coloriT Home Page



The rich features of ColoriT has to be seen to believe!  Combining the best of both the worlds, coloriT offers the features of WordPress at a cost that is one fourth the cost of a WordPress theme!  There is a blog section using which you can showcase your products and services and write about your vision and mission.  Portfolio section gives you the platform to showcase all your products with excerpts and meta options such as category, tag and so on.


coloriT Separate Blog



coloriT Separate Portfolio


In ColoriT, there is a special feature which can be very helpful when used by your customers.  Just by a single click, your location will be displayed in Google map!

coloriT Google Map

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